Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (F(x)). Part 5/5.

Nichkhun: You’re an amazing cook.
Victoria: I haven’t started with anything yet.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I’m worried about your members’ reaction on my cooking. I haven’t really cooked for a big crowd or something 🙂 can you tell? I’m being nervous right now.

Nichkhun: Oh really? I can’t tell. Because you still look beautiful.
Victoria: Whatever cheesy guy.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: The guys, you don’t have to worry about. They’ll eat anything on the top of the table even when they don’t know what it is.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Sometimes, I’m worried that they might be good poisoned and stuff. They trust anything, anyone.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: Don’t worry. I wouldn’t ruin their trust.
Nichkhun: Good to know.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: Did you seriously think I’m gonna poison anyone today?
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: No, not really. Just a thought.
Both: Laugh

(Victoria and Nichkhun busy cooking)
(F(x) arrived an hour earlier and helping with the cooking buy gossiping most of the time)

Victoria: It’s really hard not to unhear what you girls are talking about.
All: Laugh
Luna: Krystal! I told you to keep it down.
All: Laugh
Krystal: Are we making you guys uncomfortable?
Amber: That didn’t help.
All: Laugh
Nichkhun: I’ll do things here. You go there.
Victoria: It’s ok. You go there.
(F(x) staring at them)
Victoria: What are you guys looking at?
All: Laugh
Nichkhun: I hope you guys are hungry 🙂
(Nichkhun texted Junsu to hurry up)
(2PM (Taecyeon, Junsu and Wooyoung)

Amber: Are you gonna be complete here?
Nichkhun: Just the 4 of us. The others have prior engagement I guess. I invited them all but yeah.
Luna: Are you experienced in cooking?

(Awkward silence)

Nichkhun: I’m pretty decent at cooking.
All: Laugh
Nickhun: You’ll be the judge.
All: Laugh
Luna: Did you cook anything for Victoria yet?
Nichkhun: Did I?

Awkward silence

Victoria: Sandwiches count right?
Nichkhun: I love making sandwiches. Even the dorm, it’s like awkward to make only for myself with them looking at me like I want that too look.
All: Laugh
Victoria: You should taste his sandwich. It’s awesome.
Nichkhun: I’ll do one for everyone soon.
F(x): Yahoo!

Awkward silence

Nichkhun: Do you like Victoria’s cooking?
Amber: We love it. She’s an amazing cook.
Luna: We can sit all day and wait for her cook.
Krystal: She cooks from the heart.

Awkward silence

Nichkhun: You have a lot of things in common with your sister.
All: Laugh
Nichkhun: We did a CF recently and just whenever she’ll open her mouth, we’ll all be silent and then no one will actually speak after.
All: Laugh
Krystal: It runs in the blood.
All: Laugh

(Nichkhun making smoothies)

Luna: They really look good together.
Krystal: I know! They’re like soulmates.
Luna: The way they like look each other is just priceless.
Krystal: I know like it feels real.
Luna: I know! Where’s Amber?
Sulli: We’re here!
Krystal: Quiet! This is not our territory.
Victoria: It’s ok.
Nichkhun: Feel at home. Don’t worry 🙂
Luna: Nichkhun!
Nichkhun: Yes?
Luna: Did you know that we call Victoria “mom”?
Nichkhun: Really? You should call me “dad” then.
F(x): (Blushing and giggling)



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