Sohee (Wonder Girls) and Taeyang (Big Bang). Complete.


Sohee: Hello Taeyang!

Taeyang: It’s been a while, how have you been?

Sohee: Same old me. When are you enlisting to the military?

Taeyang: (Laugh) What the heck? It’s been a while since we last saw each other and now you’re asking me to get enlisted? Is that how you really hate me?

Both: Laugh

Sohee: Just asking, you know.

Both: Laugh

Taeyang: If that’s the case then I hate it when you ask.

Both: Laugh

Taeyang: Well I still have a lot to do. I haven’t thought of it yet. How about you? When are you enlisting?

Both: Laugh

Sohee: I still have a lot to do.

Both: Laugh

Taeyang: Now that you brought it up, I might ask them. We are actually planning to go all together so we can resume after. We’ll probably do things before we go in, then, we’ll work on that after we come out. Awesome, right?

Sohee: Whatever you’re talking about, yeah.

Both: Laugh

Sohee: I actually saw Seungri while ago, I was supposed to ask him but he’s too young for it, I guess.

Taeyang: So are you saying that I’m old? Say it straight to my face!

Both: Laugh

Taeyang: How are the others? I haven’t seen them actually.

Sohee: They’re doing pretty well. We’ll be out of the country next week for our US mini tour and yeah. It’s been good with us there too.

Taeyang: I know. When we toured there, they were like asking if we know you and stuff. I guess you’re actually pretty big there. Congratulations!

Sohee: Thank you. Not really very big though. We can still do things without being noticed. So that’s a clear sign of being not very popular, I tell you. It’s not like here in Korea. There.

Taeyang: You shouldn’t probably go out together, you’ll probably get noticed by then.

Sohee: Yeah

Taeyang: I guess we’re performing next. I’ll ┬ásee you around? Take care.

Sohee: Good luck!


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