Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (F(x)). Part 4/5.


Nichkhun: (Call) Hello! Honey?
Victoria: Yes honey. Hello?

Nichkhun: I went to our house to check if you’re there but you weren’t and yeah I found a mail. You’re license examination result. I have them here now. I haven’t opened it yet. Are you free today?
Victoria: Yes I’m free today. We just finished recording. Where should we meet?
Nichkhun: Are you ok? Not tired or something? I’ll just give you a ride from your dorm to our house. Maybe a little bit later since you’re kind of tired I guess.
Victoria: Alright then. No, I’m not really tired. Maybe a little food will help me. Are you free?
Nichkhun: Yes. I finished this morning. I’m free now. I’ll be going there in about 2…no like 3 hours.
Victoria: Alright. That’s perfect. See you! 🙂 Honey.
Nichkhun: See you honey.
Victoria: Take care ok? I’ll cook for you later. And can’t you see through the mail? I’m really nervous.
Nichkhun: Ahh…not really. It’s confidential. I guess.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: You’ll do good. Don’t worry.
Victoria: What do you want to eat?
Nichkhun: Anything from you. 🙂
Victoria: (Laugh) Ok then.

(Call done)

Camera man: Where are you planning to take her today?
Nichkhun: I’m not sure. I’ll probably take her to the seaside since she’s planning to cook for me. Maybe we’ll have some ice cream later.
Camera man: What do you think she’ll be cooking for you today?
Nichkhun: I don’t know. Probably some Chinese food. When I was in China, I really gained weight because I ate a lot of food there and I can’t really control myself eating.

(Victoria’s side)

Victoria: I’ll be going to the supermarket now. Can you come with me?
Camera man: Sure thing.
Victoria: You need not bring the camera, I just don’t know how to get there.
Both: Laugh
Camera man: I’ll just bring the camera then.
Victoria: 😀 ok.
Luna: You’re not going with us?
Victoria: I just a call from my husband.
Luna: 😀 Stop it. I’m getting super jealous now.
Victoria: Your time will come.
All: Laugh
Krystal: My time will come too.
All: Laugh
Camera man: How often do you hear stories about Nichkhun?
F(x) except Victoria: All the time (laugh).
Victoria: (Blushing) No!
Krystal: We’re roommates. Don’t lie!
All: Laugh

(Nichkhun’s side)

Taecyeon: You’re going out?
Nichkhun: Yes. I’ll be visiting my wife in a little while. Where are you guys going?
Junsu: We’re going to the gym. What will you be guys doing today?
Nichkhun: She’ll cook for me.
2PM except Nichkhun: (Envy stare)
Wooyoung: The two of you are always eating. And you’re not even working out.
Nichkhun: I do work-out! 😀 Stop accusing me.
Wooyoung: You only work-out when you’re chewing food.
All: Laugh

(F(x)’s dorm)

Luna: Is Victoria in? His husband’s car is already outside.
Krystal: I think she’s preparing inside our room. I’ll get her.
Luna: Yeah. Nice car.

(Victoria and Krystal’s room)

Krystal: Your husband is here already.
Victoria: He’s in?
Krystal: He’s outside. With his awesome car of course.
Victoria: I see. Alright I’m coming out now. Hold on I’ll just get the ingredients for my little cooking session later.

(Outside the dorm)

Nichkhun: Hi! 🙂
Victoria: How is it going?
Nichkhun: It’s going good with me. I sent you a message yesterday. Did you receive it?
Victoria: Yes. I wasn’t able to reply but I saw it, did you expect a reply?
Nichkhun: I didn’t ask anything so no I weren’t. 🙂
Victoria: I was intending to reply but I don’t know what happened. When I went home, I didn’t know I haven’t sent anything back and I realized it was too late to send a reply.
Nichkhun: It’s quite alright. No worries.

(Inside the Khuntoria’s house)

Nichkhun: Here’s the mail. 🙂
Victoria: Oh my. My heart pumped like mad when you said that. 😀 What should I do?
Nichkhun: You’ll be alright. You can open it now.
Victoria: Should I really be the one to open it? I think I’m gonna faint.
Both: Laugh

(Victoria opens the mail)

It says:

Dearest applicant,

We are happy to announce that you passed the licensure examination. Attached in this mail is a list of do’s and don’ts when you are driving in the country of South Korea. You are expected to practice safe driving at all times. See you on the road!

(Victoria really happy)

Victoria: I can’t believe it! Wow, really?
Nichkhun: I told you! I told you, you did well. Congratulations! 🙂
Victoria: Thank you! 🙂
Nichkhun: We should have like a simple celebration.
Victoria: You think so?
Nichkhun: Why don’t we do it today? Do the girls have anything to do today? Probably tonight? The guys are pretty much free tonight and they’ll probably be hungry since they’re going to the gym now.
Victoria: Yeah they’re free for the rest of the day now. Yeah maybe so they can also see our house. But we should buy more stuff since I just brought with me that’s good for us 2.
Nichkhun: Alright then. 🙂 Are you alright though?
Victoria: I’m excellent.
Nichkhun: Fantastic!
Both: Laugh

(Nichkhun and Victoria trying to call their contacts)

Nichkhun: I stand corrected 🙂 Only 3 of them can go. The other will be shooting a commercial very early tomorrow so they have to rest.
Victoria: I see. Well that’s alright. The girls are all coking. 🙂
Nichkhun: Perfect. Shall we go now?
Victoria: Yes! Off we go! 😀
Nichkhun: Let’s go!

(Supermarket done)

Victoria: I got a missed call. I don’t know from who this. Should I call back or what?
Nichkhun: Maybe. You should just text and ask who that person is first. Well it’s not that you give your numbers easily for others to know right?
Victoria: I don’t know, actually.
Both: Laugh

(Victoria texted)
(Person replied)

It says:

Hello Victoria!

This is one of the producers and I got a call from the other producer saying that the hearts that contain your bows got stolen. Still no leads who did it. Have a nice day.

Victoria: Why did they do that? That’s not right!
Nichkhun: That’s really very disappointing.
Victoria: But even so, our bows remain right?
Nichkhun: Of course it does. We should lock our love on the Seoul Tower 😀
Victoria: Maybe we should soon. 🙂

(Back at home)
(Victoria and Nichkhun helping each other cook)


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