Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (F(x)). Part 3/5.

(Licensure examination)

Nichkhun: Are you feeling nervous?
Victoria: I’m not. I’m a little bit nervous yeah.
Nickhun: It’s gonna be alright. You prepared all week for this.

Victoria: I’m not very nervous on the written side but the practical side, the thought of it is killing me
Nichkhun: Don’t be too nervous. You’re gonna do well.
Victoria: Yeah I hope so.
Nichkhun: Why are you wearing that kind of top (off shoulder) today?
Victoria: What? (Laugh)
Nichkhun: It’s getting off all the time. Fix it.
Victoria: It’s supposed to work that way. How will I fix it? ๐Ÿ˜€
Nichkhun: Tie it or something like that.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Don’t be too nervous. I think that’s the key.
Victoria: Yeah I think so. You’re gonna watch me, right?
Nichkhun: I’m just gonna be here watching and cheering for you.
Victoria: Yeah thank you so much. Can’t you ride with me there?
Nichkhun: That’s not legal (laugh).

(Nichkhun watching Victoria driving)

Camera man: Is she doing well?
Nichkhun: Yes. I think she’s doing really well. She’s doing really good I can’t say anything.

(After the examination)

Nichkhun: You did really well. ๐Ÿ™‚
Victoria: My hands were shaking awhile ago and the person I was with ย was looking at me like I’m doing something wrong so I was really very cautious. I don’t think I did that well.
Nichkhun: You don’t have to worry. It’s gonna be alright ๐Ÿ™‚ ah let’s eat then. I think there are places we can choose from around.
Victoria: Let’s go, yeah.

(Walking out of the office)

Nichkhun: It’s gonna be alright ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t think about it. You’ll get your license in 24 hours. ๐Ÿ˜€
Victoria: Yeah I hope so ๐Ÿ™‚
Nichkhun: Of course you will. There are restaurants here because there are like a lot of hungry examiners after and those who are trying to divert their nervousness to something else like eating and stuff.
Victoria: I think I’m gonna finish everything you let me eat today.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Let’s see. There’s Chinese, Persian and what’s this? I think seafood? Yeah, I think so.
Victoria: Where do you want to eat?
Nichkhun: I think I like seafood sort of.
Victoria; I like seafood too.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Wow it smells really wonderful here.
Victoria: I know. Smells like the ocean.
Nichkhun: I really like that kind of smell. My mum doesn’t want that food smell like she will spray neutralizer or even perfume and it wouldn’t really blend well with the strong food smell so the kitchen would smell like I don’t know. Intolerable.
Victoria: In our dorm, I cook a lot right? Krystal would always spray perfume after so it’s the same (laugh) everyone would like go inside the room and lock it so they wouldn’t be able to smell the perfume. Krystal ย included.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I hate it when she do that. It annoys everyone and it annoys her.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Maybe she likes annoying herself.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: You decide what we’ll eat.
Victoria: Why me?
Nichkhun: Because you’re the lady in this relationship. You can do it.
Victoria: Can I?
Both: Laugh
Victoria: What am I talking about?
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: And everything looks really delicious so I’m gonna be alright.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I’ll take that.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: In eating, we should always have a complete meal. So let’s start with the appetizer. (Choose) I think Crispy Oyster Chips is good. Then the rice. Do you eat rice?
Nichkhun: Yes. I love rice. I think typical Asians eat rice. Even when I was still in the US, we eat rice most of the time.
Victoria: In China, like almost everytime, there would be Fried Rice. Yeah, I think Asian love rice. Let’s go with (choose) they all look so delicious though (choose) alright I think I like Crab Rice.
Nichkhun: That really sounds interesting. I mean, I never herd of that. I wonder.
Victoria: I know right? Do you like seafood?
Nichkhun: I love seafood. Do you?
Victoria: I love seafood too.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: The main course then (choose) Giant Prawns?
Nichkhun: I love prawns.
Victoria: Me too! Let’s just have that since we have Crab Rice anyways. Anything you want to add?
Nichkhun: I think I want the Hot Pot I think they all have the seafood there and stuff. Let’s just have the regular and share because it looks really big.
Victoria: Alright ๐Ÿ™‚ everything looks really big actually (laugh) they’re like all good for sharing.
Nichkhun: It’s alright. We can finish that together.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: Of course we can.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: What’s your favorite Korean food?
Victoria: Me? I think I like Jjapchae the most. Chinese people loves noodles. Although the consistency of Jjapchae is kind of different, I still like it. What’s your favorite food?
Nichkhun: Not being bias or whatsoever but I think Pad Thai is still the best.
Victoria: That’s really delicious. I like it with chicken.
Nichkhun: I like mine with like seafood.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I know how to make one. I’ll ย make one for you next time. ๐Ÿ™‚
Nichkhun: Yes you should. ๐Ÿ˜€

(Food came in one by one. The two talking all the way.)

Victoria: It was really good. I think this rice is the best that I’ve tasted so far.
Nichkhun: Yeah me too I think I like the chips it’s like junk but it can be healthy too. I used to eat a lot of processed chips and I always thought that healthy chips taste like shitty but I like this one.
Victoria: Me too


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