Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (F(x)). Part 2/5.


Flashback: Nichkhun already met his wife, Victoria of F(x) and they did the first task which is to lock their love at the top of the building.

Victoria: Can I read yours?
Nichkhun: Only if I can read yours 🙂
Victoria: Sure 🙂
Victoria and Nichkhun: (Read)(Blushed)

(Backstage interview)

Nichkhun: I was really really nervous when I got the invitation. More so when I got the venue. It was very fun at first, but deep inside it’s really not. I didn’t have any idea who my wife would be. It’s not a good feeling either. I told myself that whoever would she be, I’d be very thankful and I will treat her as my real wife. I just feel like I betrayed her now. I mean, Victoria. Because whenever I encountered a girl in the lobby of that venue, I always felt like “is she my wife?” And I’m really very disgusted to myself for that. I’m really very happy to meet Victoria. I think she’s a really good woman.

Victoria: They made me wait upstairs to wait for my husband. It was really frustrating when the elevator opens because I’m always very suspicious that the guy who’ll come out is my husband. There were about 5 guys who I suspected. I felt very guilty awhile ago. I think he’s a great great guy, Nichkhun. I wish to be happy with him. And I’m sure we will be happy together.

(Official house)

Victoria: Wow!! It’s so beautiful here. I like it.
Nichkhun: Beautiful like you, of course.
Victoria: Did you choose it yourself?
Nichkhun: Of course. Of course not.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: We should clean a little bit and fill the ref, at least.
Nichkhun: Do you cook?
Victoria: Yeah, I do. I’m pretty ok with cooking.
Nichkhun: I’m so lucky! I like to eat.
Victoria: Boys are really pig.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Yeah. Boys like to eat.
Victoria: My brother likes to eat a lot. Like, really a lot.

(Two hours later)

Nichkhun: Should we shop for stuff?
Victoria: Yeah, I think so. We should write things first so it’ll be very easy for us later.
Nichkhun: Yeah?
Victoria: Are you ok with that?
Nichkhun: Yeah, I just didn’t expect for you to be that organized.
Victoria: Get used to it. I’m really like this.
Nichkhun: Nah, it’s ok. I just thought girls are all shopaholic.
Victoria: We are shopaholic but it depends. When it comes to things at home, I usually write things to buy so I’ll know what I’m lacking or whatnot.
Nichkhun: I see 🙂 Interesting. My sister buys what she can everytime so I don’t really know about others.
Both: Laugh


Victoria: In shopping, you have to consider what your priority is. In our case, I will be preparing Chinese Fried Rice later at dinner so I put them all on top.
Nichkhun: Yes.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: Let’s keep going. If you saw things that you like, put them in the cart.
Nichkhun: No need to show it to you? 😀
Victoria: (Laugh) If it’s food, no need to show it to me.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: When we’re shopping, I always tell the girls to be wise and so I’ll check their stuff. But if it’s food, no problem.
Nichkhun: And are they ok with that?
Victoria: They have no choice. I’m the leader of this group.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: Do you shop with the guys?
Nichkhun: Shopping isn’t really our activity. We do shop individually and such we can only do when on break or something. So people think that we spend too much because we carry a lot of stuff but it’s actually like a year long supply of whatever we need.
Victoria: Our policy is that we shop together to make sure we spend wisely and not to buy things that we have or we can borrow from each other. It’s also the way we bond. Of course very different for guys. It’s awkward like shopping together isn’t it?
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: But we do grocery usually by twos. Can’t really hang-out all together. Which is frustrating because if you want to eat a particular food and you can’t remember it prior to other members going to shop, you can’t have it. And we don’t usually bring our phones like in out dorm, there are docks in which we keep our phone and we usually just pick it up if it’s ringing or when we’re all going out together so we can’t really call them to say we like this and that.
Victoria: Yeah, I see. You guys like to eat?
Nichkhun: All guys like to eat. We’re pigs you know.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Do you like to eat?
Victoria: Girls like to eat too. It’s just that we’re stricter with our intake.
Nichkhun: It’s ok. From now on, you can eat whatever you want to. You can just stay at home.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: I want for you to rest and just take care of the babies.
Both: Laugh

(30 minutes after)

Victoria: Do you eat kimchi?
Nichkhun: I do. Do you?
Victoria: Yeah, I do. I’ll make some stew then. It’s perfect for the weather.
Nichkhun: Right.
Victoria: I haven’t been cooking because of the busy schedule but I’m really glad I can cook again. I used to help my mom back in China.
Nichkhun: You can cook for me forever if you want.
Victoria: I will if that’s what you want.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: There’s a good Chinese restaurant nearby, maybe we can eat our lunch there. I think it’s an Asian cuisine in general. My bad.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Asian cuisine that specializes Chinese cuisine?
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I’ll show you my favorite Chinese dishes then.
Nichkhun: Yeah, haha.
Victoria: There are actually a lot of restaurants here that caters Chinese cuisine enthusiasts so it’s not really hard to find one. There’s like one near our apartment and the Chinese lady being unfamiliar of us told us we should eat more because we only ordered 3 dishes and we shared plates like that. It’s also very hard to watch calories when eating outside so we really prefer home made food.
Nichkhun: Are you the only cook?
Victoria: They help me prepare.
Nichkhun: I see.

(On the way to the restaurant)

Victoria: How long have you been driving?
Nichkhun: That’s since I was in Thailand. Mmm 5 years? Yeah. Do you drive?
Victoria: I drive but I’m not really good at it and I don’t have a license to drive here.
Nichkhun: I’ll help you get one then 🙂
Victoria: Really? Wow!!


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