Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (F(x)). Part 1/5.


Nichkhun: I wonder who my wife would be.
Camera man: Do you have any idea who?

Nichkhun: No idea. The PD told me to look for clues around. I didn’t see any so far.
Camera man: Wild guess?
Nichkhun: Maybe an SNSD (laugh).
Camera man: Do you fancy any SNSD?
Nichkhun: It’s not that, haha. It’s just that they’re too many so I wouldn’t go amiss.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Do you have any idea who my wife would be? Of course you do.
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Well I shouldn’t be very nervous. I should act cool, haha.

(SNSD girls approaching, Nichkhun not moving)

SNSD: (Bowed) Hello!
Nichkhun: (Bowed) Hello (3x)

(SNSD moves away)

Nichkhun: Not one of them? I can’t breathe (wipes sweat).
Both: Laugh

(SNSD stopped at the lobby)

Nichkhun: Should I approach or what? Maybe it isn’t one of them. Hold on.

(Nichkhun approaches Taeyeon secretly)

Nichkhun: Leader Taeyeon.
Taeyeon: Yes? 😀
Nichkhun: Did you guys have a good recording today?
Taeyeon: Yes of course. What are you here for?
Nichkhun: I’m looking for my wife.
Both: Laugh
Taeyeon: Your second clue is on the elevator. Good luck :).
Nichkhun: Oh really? (Bow) Thank you so much!
Taeyeon: (Bow) Congratulations!

(Nichkhun went to the elevator)

Nichkhun: I didn’t ask what floor (laugh). She said it’s somewhere so what do I do?

(Elevator went up and stopped at the 4th floor. Nana of Orange Caramel waiting)

Nana: (Bowed) Hello.
Nichkhun: (Startled)(Bowed) Hello. Ah? 🙂
Nana: Try pressing 6th floor. Good luck (bow). 🙂
Nichkhun: (Bow) Thank you. (Closed the door) Wow that’s really insane. I literally can’t breathe the moment it opened.

(Elevator opened again. Luna of F(x) waiting)

Luna: (Bowed) Hello :).
Nichkhun: (Bowed) Hello 🙂 Are you?
Luna: No. Try going up one floor. Good luck.
Nichkhun: Thank you so much (bowed)(closed the door). Why are you guys doing this to me?
Camera man: Laugh

(Elevator opened. Amber, Krystal, and Sulli waiting)

Girls: (Bowed) Hello! 😀
Nichkhun: (Bowed) Hello! 😀 Must be one of you.
Girls: No! 😀
Amber: She’s waiting for you on the last floor of this building.
Girls: Good luck! (Bowed)
Nichkhun: (Bowed) Thank you! 🙂 (Door closed) I’ve never been this nervous before. Let’s see. 7 more floors.

(Nichkhun still clueless)

Victoria: Who is my husband?
Camera man: I don’t know.
Victoria: 😀 How would you know if it’s him to film or not? You’re lying to me :D.
Camera man: I’m filming everyone.
Both: Laugh
Victoria: I’m really nervous. I’m shaking :D.

(Elevator opened. Nichkhun met Victoria’s eyes)

Nichkhun: (Bowed) Hello :).
Victoria: (Shocked)(bowed) Hello :).
Nichkhun: So…it’s you I believe?
Victoria: Yeah I think so. You’re right on time. They said my husband will come 2pm. Oh!
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: The PD told me to go to Victoria’s building before 2pm. Oh!
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Maybe I was so preoccupied by the idea of it. I can’t really think well since yesterday.
Victoria: Me too.
Nichkhun: Oh right. I didn’t even notice you weren’t there when F(x) greeted me.
Victoria: I must not be who you’re expecting (teasing) :).
Nichkhun: It’s not like that :). I’m very happy that it’s you, actually.
Victoria: Really? I’m happy too.
Nichkhun: Yeah?
Both: Laugh

(First task)

Victoria: (Read) You have to go to the top of this tower to lock your love.
Nichkhun: Let’s go! 🙂
Victoria: Let’s lock out love, shall we?
Nichkhun: Yeah, let’s do that.
Victoria: 🙂


Victoria: Wow! There’s so many hearts around. This must be really a perfect place to start of.
Nichkhun: Should I get out hearts to the counter?
Victoria: Yeah, I think so.
Nichkhun: (To the girl at the counter) We would like to tie our love here, please :).

(Girl star stroked)

Victoria: Then we should write things in the heart as a promise to each other.
Nichkhun: Why do you know? You haven’t been here haven’t you? 😀
Victoria: Hahaha, I watch it on TV.
Nichkhun: I see, very well.
Victoria: Are you accusing me in any way?
Both: Laugh
Nichkhun: Just asking 🙂

Nichkhun wrote:

Victoria!! I’m really happy that it’s you I’m gonna marry. I promise to take care of you with all my might. I wish to know you more and explore the beautiful country of Korea with a co-foreigner like you. May our love with each other grow with our understanding and loyalty.

Victoria wrote:

Nichkhun! I can’t explain it very much but I wish you’ll always understand and be patient with me. I wish to be closer to you in the future. Take care!


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