Jay Park and Min Hyo Rin. Complete.

Variety show

Host 1: Someone told us that you really like Min Hyo Rin. Is that true?

Jay Park: That one? (blush) 😀

Host 2: Why is your face becoming like a tomato?

All: Laugh

Jay Park: Did the AC died? It’s kind of hot.

All: Laugh

Host 1: Anyone here who can prove that Jay Park likes Min Hyo Rin?

(Everybody raised their hand)

All: Laugh

Jay Park: What are you guys? I though we’re friends.

Leeteuk: He asked me to give flowers to her last time.

All: Laugh

Jay Park: I didn’t! 😀

Leeteuk: I said I’ll do it for you then but he did it himself too so people thought that it was me who really gave that flower but it’s just part of his plan.

Host 2: I feel sorry for you, Leeteuk. Being a victim of Jay Park.

All: Laugh

Leeteuk: It’s ok. That’s how I value our friendship.

Jay Park: I can’t believe you.

All: Laugh

Host 2: Let’s hear Jaejoong’s opinion to this then.

Jaejoong: When we were hanging out in L.A., he always borrowed my phone. Maybe 5 times a day or more and I always gave it to him without asking why? One day I suddenly became curious so when he borrowed it that day I asked him what did he do? He said I texted Min Hyo Rin.

All: Laugh

Jaejoong: I didn’t care why at first because I thought of the text rate first. It’s pretty expensive.

All: Laugh

Micky: I was with him that time. They wouldn’t allow him to use a cell phone yet. He did it to me too.

All: Laugh


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