Park sisters (2NE1). Complete.


Dara: Bom! CL prepared something for us. Actually not only for us but let’s eat it anyway.
Bom: Laugh
Dara: Where have you been? I’ve waited for you because I might finish it all alone.

Bom: Is Minzy done eating?
Dara: Minzy went out with her parents awhile ago so I think CL thought she’ll be in so she prepared extra.
Bom: Let’s just say she shouldn’t be eating because she’s on a special diet.
Dara: Let’s make up a diet for her.
Both: Laugh
Bom: I’ve visited a salon and a make-up store and went hauling. I got some for everyone.
Dara: Thank you so much! 🙂
Bom: They have awesome eyeliners. Really really awesome. I’m wearing it awhile ago but I did remove my make-up inside the van.
Dara: Did you see the new restaurant nearby?
Bom: Exactly!
Both: Laugh
Dara: Maybe next week. It looks fetch!
Both: Laugh
Bom: Manager Yang called me awhile ago and he was like, your make-up artist told me she kept on retouching your lipstick because you won’t let go of your corn.
Both: Laugh
Bom: I didn’t see much of the new restaurant but it looks like it’s an Italian restaurant because the flag and stuff.
Dara: I think so. I haven’t seen it either. I just heard CL talking about it awhile ago.
Both: Laugh
Bom: It should be really good then.
Dara: Awhile ago, Minzy’s parents were asking CL about stuff and that came out. I mean, the restaurant so I’m assuming they ate there. We should ask Minzy then.
Bom: Yeah. I saw your brother at the salon awhile ago. He colored his hair like blue or something.
Dara: He called me saying so awhile ago but he didn’t tell me he saw you.
Bom: Whatever.
Both: Laugh

The end


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