Jaejoong and Yunho (DBSK). Complete.


(Yunho’s visit to JYJ’s dorm)

Jaejoong: How can I sleep if you’re watching me sleep?
Yunho: Who’s watching who?
Both: Laugh
Jaejoong: Where’s Micky?
Yunho: He got out just now. I think he has an interview for his drama.
Jaejoong: Really? I didn’t know that.
Both: Laugh
Yunho: Did you cook lunch?
Jaejoong: Yeah but it was only for us both. Junsu also went out for an interview. I think he’ll be back tomorrow. I think there’s some of it left at the top of the table. Let me check. You hungry?
Yunho: No but I just want to eat. It’s really really odd to live in a big dorm like ours because it’s just the two of us there.
Jaejoong: I think we can still house the three of you here. Just do it.
Yunho: Are you gonna give lectures again?
Jaejoong: I’m just saying… Here’s some beef rolls.
Yunho: Past is past isn’t it?
Jaejoong: Yeah we’re done with that. My question is are you guys ok there? We’re very much happy here. Happier if the two of you will rejoin us.
Yunho: Yeah we’re ok. The same as before.
Jaejoong: You mean crap?
Both: Laugh
Jaejoong: Is Changmin ok? Are you feeding him well?
Yunho: Yes, he’s still that kid. He still eats a lot.
Jaejoong: Tell him I’ll find a way for him to get a pass to visit us next time so I can cook for him. I bought our favorite snack in Japan. I forgot it’s just me so I bought a lot. Can you send him some for me?
Yunho: Of course.

The end


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