Krystal (F(x)) and Key (SHINee). Complete.


Krystal: Key!
Key: What’s wrong with you?
Krystal: Dinner?
Key: I’m on a diet, mind you.

Krystal: You’re so skinny! You should eat.
Key: I have to be thinner. Don’t mind me. Ok?
Krystal: Yeah fine.
Key: I’ll eat a little. Come, let’s go. Where will we eat then?
Krystal: Let’s go for a walk. Should we disguise or something?
Key: Do anyone even recognize you? At all?
Both: Laugh
Krystal: That’s true. When in that Invincible Youth program, there was a van that passed by and everyone asked who’s their F(x) bias then everyone pointed on Victoria unnie and shouted Krystal!
Both: Laugh
Krystal: It’s ok. At least they know my name.
Key: Yeah that will do it.
Both: Laugh
Krystal: That’s the same as being able to recognize you but you’re not their favorite.They always want the other four.
Both: Laugh
Key: You’re so mean. How can you say that?
Both: Laugh
Krystal: You’re meaner.
Both: Laugh
Key: You should star Mean Girls 2.0. I’ll put my money on it.
Krystal: Good to know. Wait, is there a place you know that serves good noodles?
Key: No. I don’t eat that much, really.
Krystal: Too bad. Jessica unnie told me there’s a good good place near Seoul Tower. I doubt we can go that far.
Key: I doubt too. First, I don’t know that place.
Both: Laugh
Krystal: And Jessica unnie wouldn’t give us the right direction of course. She’s the least we can trust with that.

The end


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