Donghae (Super Junior) and Jessica (SNSD). Complete.


SM World Tour (Los Angeles)

Donghae: Hi!
All: Hi!
Donghae: Is Jessica in here?

Tiffany: She went to the lobby to get the pizza delivery. Are you guys going out or what?
Donghae: We are going out later tonight. Is the pizza your lunch?
Tiffany: Yeah. Join us.
Donghae: Kind of late isn’t it? I’ll go get her downstairs. Why are you dressed? Going somewhere?
Tiffany: Photoshoot later.
(Yuri assisted by Ryeowook came with the drinks)
Donghae: Hi!
Yuri: Hi! Thank you Ryeowook.
Ryeowook: No problem.
Yuri: The pizza came just now. You might want to help Jessica downstairs. The pizza box is bigger than her.
All: Laugh


Donghae: Jessica, hi!
Jessica: Hi!
Donghae: Let me help you, dear.
Jessica: Ryeowook told you I’m here?
Donghae: I went to your room. It was Tiffany who told me. But Ryeowook and Yuri came after and said that the delivery came.
Jessica: Ah, right. Did you eat lunch?
Donghae: Yeah we ate noodles.
Jessica: Just noodles? Instant?
Donghae: Noodles and bread. Yeah, instant.
Jessica: You’re ok? Like full?
Donghae: Yeah, very. I’m ok. You should eat very well.
Jessica: It’s pizza. It’s junk.
Both: Laugh
Donghae: Are you coming with Tiffany for the photoshoot?
Jessica: I don’t have any. Actually I’m done. I think.
Both: Laugh
Donghae: You should know.
Jessica: Laugh
Donghae: Why are you guys just eating now?
Jessica: We should actually go out and eat awhile ago but people who’re doing the photoshoot did eat elsewhere. Very selfish.
Both: Laugh
Jessica: Sooyoung told us to follow but said we shouldn’t after about 5 minutes because they were like swarmed. I told her not to go with her SNSD look. People should listen to me, you know.
Both: Laugh

(Hotel room)

Tiffany: Girls, one slice pizza, one piece chicken.
Taeyeon: Is there a leader advantage?
Both: Laugh
Taeyeon: Donghae, eat some. We wouldn’t leave anything to the people who didn’t consider us all eating together.
All: Laugh
Yuri: They said they ate at a sushi place.
Taeyeon: I told YoonA I want to eat there. She probably thought we can follow.
Donghae: Siwon and Shindong went to eat there yesterday after practice.
Taeyeon: I went with them.
Both (Donghae and Taeyeon): Laugh
Tiffany: You all are so lustful. Jessica and I always have to eat inside this room. Unfair!!!
All: Laugh
Jessica: We just go out and say we forgot we weren’t allowed to go out for lunch.
All: Laugh
Donghae: You should ask Super Junior to take you out later tonight. We have an advantage somehow.
All: Laugh
Yuri: Phone out everyone!
All: Laugh
Jessica: I want to go to Disneyland.
SNSD: Me too!!!
Jessica: We should disguise or something like that.
Taeyeon: We should disguise as Super Junior.
All: Laugh
Yuri: Yeah it’ll not be obvious on you
All: Laugh
Taeyeon: I feel offended
All: Laugh

The end


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