Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Seohyun (SNSD). Complete.


Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Seohyun (SNSD). Complete.

Kyuhyun: Hello Seohyun.
Seohyun: Hey! What are you up to?

Kyuhyun: I just want to know if it’s ok that we hold hands later? I mean, you’ve probably heard about it awhile ago being said to the instructions.
Seohyun: Well with that, we don’t actually have a choice, haven’t we? It’s ok. It’s for the show. But thanks for checking it with me. I truly appreciate it. I’m actually very nervous. 🙂 I can only wish for the best.
Kyuhyun: I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem. You’re always wonderful on stage. They’ll just love you more.
Seohyun: You look very fresh today. It must be the hair. It suits you very well.
Kyuhyun: Wow thank you. You look good yourself. I can’t even say a word.
Seohyun: Where are your group mates?
Kyuhyun: They’re back too. Just resting back there. You know.

(One week after performance)

Seohyun: Kyu! 🙂
Kyuhyun: Woah! I didn’t know we have the same instructor. 🙂
Seohyun: My instructor told me to switch time with Sunny unnie.
Kyuhyun: My instructor told me to switch time with Siwon hyung.
Both: Laugh
Seohyun: 🙂 You look great even without make-up.
Kyuhyun: (Blushed) Not as good as you look.


Kyuhyun: I worked out with Sunny and Tiffany before.
Seohyun: I worked out with Siwon oppa before too.
Both: Laugh
Kyuhyun: Siwon hyung is in the United States as of the moment and I guess everyone else has their own stuff to do so I think the instructor just want to finish everything now and probably call it a day. Where are your unnies?
Seohyun: That I don’t know for sure. Sunny unnie is not feeling very well. Also known as being lazy.
Both: Laugh
Kyuhyun: It does get to that point. Really.
Both: Laugh
Kyuhyun: Anything to do after this?
Seohyun: Staying home. Most likely.
Both: Are you going to the after party next week?
Both: Yes I am.
Both: Giggle
Kyuhyun: Do you mind if we go together? I mean, it’s some sort of a ball isn’t it?
Seohyun: …Not a problem.
Kyuhyun: Thanks. 🙂

(Day before the ball)
(SNSD dorm)

Seohyun: Do I look ok with this hair color?
Sooyoung: Yeah don’t worry about it.
Seohyun: You saw my dress right. Is it ok?
Sooyoung: Yeah don’t worry about it.
Sunny: The more you tell her not to worry, the more she will. You have that kind of feel, Sooyoung.
All: Laugh
Sooyoung: I know.
All: Laugh
Tifanny: How would you wear your hair?
Seohyun: Cold wave style, I guess. I’m not sure, I still have this night to decide.


Seohyun: The last time this event happened was when I was still 18. It’s been a long time coming.
Jessica: That’s right. You weren’t allowed to enter the ball before, right?
Seohyun: They told me to go. It’s just that I was in a different country so I wasn’t able to.
Jessica: Ah…well I have to sleep now.
Both: Goodnight

(Early morning)
(Super Junior dorm)

Kyuhyun: I’m really really nervous. She’ll look really beautiful later.
Donghae: They always look beautiful. What’s your problem?
Kyuhyun: I know. I can’t concentrate actually.
Donghae: Don’t think about it. You wouldn’t have a good time. Let’s run for a while.

(SNSD dorm)

Hyoyeon: I jogged with Kyuhyun and Donghae.
Seohyun: Really?
Hyoyeon: Yeah they did join me until I was on my way back and they still gave it a go for one more round, I think.
Seohyun: How is he like?
Hyoyeon: …Sweaty?
All: Laugh

(SME Ball)

Kyuhyun: I think they’re in. Oh look! SNSD van.
Siwon: Yeah it’s them.
Kyuhyun: It’s her! Oh my, look at her.
Siwon: Very beautiful. Aren’t they?

(Kyuhyun escorted Seohyun to their table)

Seohyun: Sorry the van came a little bit late. We were planning to come extra early for the event because we still had to take pictures outside so I’m sorry if you waited.
Kyuhyun: No worries. I actually just came myself. We all had to go on our own since almost everyone went with their own. I went with Siwon hyung about 5 minutes ago.
Seohyun: Oh, I see. I didn’t know she’s coming with BoA unnie.

Kyuhyun: You look absolutely stunning with your look. Not that it’s new to you. It’s just on a very different level this time.
Seohyun: (Blushed) Oh, thank you. You look great too, actually.
Kyuhyun: (Blushed) Thank you.

(Sweet dance)

The end.


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