Park Bom (2NE1) and Taeyang (Big Bang). Complete.

Park Bom: Hey GD! Have you seen Taeyang?

GD: I saw him leave the room awhile ago. Noona!

Park Bom: Yes?

GD: (Jerky smile) I saw what you did there.

Park Bom: What are you talking about?

CL: Ah I know!

GD and CL: (Laugh)

CL: There’s nothing wrong in admiring someone though.

GD: I totally agree.

Park Bom: What?

GD and CL: (Laugh)

(Taeyang enters the room)

Taeyang: 🙂 Why is everyone looking at me?

GD: Taeyang~ah, someone’s actually looking for you. (Looks at everyone)

CL: Not me!

All: (Laugh)

Taeyang: Bom, noona? (Noona = Big sister)

Park Bom: Ahh, are you ready for the performance?

Taeyang: Ah 😀 I’m quite nervous but since we rehearsed very well for this, I am pretty sure we can do it properly. Is noona ready?

Park Bom: Neh. I trust you. (Neh/Ne = Yes)

Taeyang: (Pressured) Ah, neh. (Bow) Thank you. 😀

GD: I can hear your heartbeat up to here.

Taeyang: Who?

GD: Anyone from the two of you.

GD and CL: (Laugh)

Taeyang: 😀 Hyung, what? (Hyung = Big brother (Boys))

GD: What? Are you playing fool?

Taeyang: 😀 (Shy) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

(Dara enters)

Dara: Why is it so loud in here? 😀

GD: Ah, noona (Noona = Big sister (Boys))

Dara: Neh? (Neh = Yes)

GD: I know exactly what you are hearing. You are actually hearing beats from people’s hearts.

GD, Dara and CL: (Laugh)

Dara: Oh~ I thought that’s just FT Island practicing in their room.

All: (Laugh)

CL: Unnie, (Unnie = Big sister (Girl)) who’s performing now?

Dara: SHINee.

All: Ahhh

Dara: Bom and Taeyang will be opening for YG Entertainment right?

Park Bom and Taeyang: Neh

Dara: Good luck guys. I believe in you two.

Park Bom and Taeyang: 😀 Thanks.

Dara: Did it help? 😀

All: (Laugh)

Dara: Ah, Daesung odieyo? (Odieyo = where)

Taeyang: He’s meeting with his Family (Family Outing)

Dara: Ahhh, it’s just that I haven’t seen him around today.

(One more performance before Park Bom and Taeyang)

(Park Bom and Taeyang discussing their stage position for their performance)

Park Bom: That’s perfect 😀

Taeyang: Neh. It is.

(Park Bom and Taeyang high-fived)

(Teddy enters)

Teddy: Hello guys. (everyone responded) Guys, SHINee wants to meet you. (SHINee enters)

SHINee: (Bowing everywhere) Hello everyone. (everyone responded)

(SHINee really shy but managed to introduced themselves to their seniors)

Staffs: Good job guys.

(Taeyang and Park Bom bowing and thanking everywhere)

Taeyang: Noona (Noona = Big sister)

Park Bom: Yes?

Taeyang: You failed to hold my hand…twice before doing so 😀

Park Bom: Jinja? (Jinja = Really) Sorry for that. It was however a good performance isn’t it? I enjoyed it. Did you?

Taeyang: Yeah, very much. 😀

(Big Bang and 2NE1 still in the waiting room together)

CL and Dara: (Imitates the You and I performance)

All: (Laugh)

TOP: But, what’s with the denial of hand? 😀

Park Bom: It wasn’t intentional.

GD: I felt bad for Taeyang that time.

Big Bang except GD and Taeyang: Neh, me too.

All: (Laugh)

Taeyang: Kwaenchana 😀 (Kwaenchana = It’s ok) It’s still a beautiful performance isn’t it?

GD: Neh, it’s just that..

Park Bom: Hwah!!!

All: (Laugh)

(After the concert is done, 2NE1 and Big Bang went to a restaurant)(Park Bom, Taeyang, Minzy and Seungri sitting together)(Dara, GD, CL, TOP and Daesung sitting not so far from them)

Minzy: I’m so hungry.

Taeyang: Minzy did well tonight isn’t it?

All: Neh.

Park Bom: We all did well 🙂 we deserve to eat.

Taeyang: Neh. (looks at Bom) Please eat a lot 🙂

Park Bom: But then if I eat a lot today, I need to exercise a lot tomorrow. Which I don’t like.

All: (Laugh)

(Dara’s table is talking about Park Bom and Taeyang)

Taeyang: Why so? 😀

Park Bom: It’s so tiring.

All: (Laugh)

Taeyang: I can help you walk or jog or bike around the city, gym bores me too.

Park Bom: Ah jinja? Tomorrow is good?

Taeyang: Absolutely.

Park Bom: I will eat a lot today then.

All: (Laugh)

(Taeyang and Park Bom occasionally feeding each other)



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