CL (2NE1) and Teddy. Final.


CL and Teddy’s Restaurant date

CL: Sorry oppa. Did I come late? (checked time) Ah, you’re early.

Teddy: Yeah I did come early. It’s better than making you wait isn’t it? A man should always comes first so the woman wouldn’t have to wait. All the more a guy finishes last because he should always put her girl first.
CL: That’s so gentleman of you Teddy oppa.
Teddy: I’m just saying.
Both: Laugh
Teddy: You can order anything you want. I won’t tell anyone how much you ate or whatnot.
CL: It’s ok though. Manager Yang said I can eat anything I want in a restaurant provided I won’t eat junks at home.
Teddy: Did you tell Bom about this?
CL: She was so jealous. She told me to take-out some food for her but manager Yang gave her some restrictions at that very moment.
Both: Laugh
CL: When manager Yang left, they ordered pizza anyway.
Both: Laugh
CL: Bom is really hard headed like that. I bet you already know. Yeah?
Both: Laugh
Teddy: Bom is really childish. She’s really fun to work with.
CL: That’s right. It gets confusing being reminded of her age.
Both: Laugh

(Food came)

Teddy: They all look delicious for sure.
CL: I know. This is something I can’t have everyday. I’m really very happy. Thanks!
Teddy: You don’t have to worry. Help yourself.

The end.


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