CL ( 2NE1) and Teddy. Part 1.


CL: Did you see Teddy oppa?
Bom: He’s with us above actually. What are you doing here anyways?
CL: I’m waiting for manager Yang. He told me to wait for him here. Is Dara unnie upstairs with you?

Bom: She’s done with her parts. She’s just hanging out with us there. Teddy oppa is looking for you there. Dara is teasing you two there. How long will it take for manager Yang to come? I looked for you everywhere actually.
CL: I’m too shy to call him. I’ll just wait here. I’m a little but hungry too. What’s up upstairs?
Bom: We have chicken rolls and kimchi rice. We have soju bottles there too. Only bottles.
Both: Laugh
Bom: I told them not to drink because it’s very bad for Minzy to see us wasted and she can only have juice for herself.
CL: Right. Don’t let Dara unnie near her, please.
Bom: Laugh

(Bom left CL)(Teddy went down)

CL: Oppa!
Teddy: Bom told me you’re here. Is manager Yang here yet?
CL: He told me to wait a little bit more. He’s very near though.
Teddy: I got a text from him. He wants to talk to me for some reason. You’ve been here for a while right? Did you eat? There are a lot to eat upstairs.
CL: I’m a little bit hungry.
Teddy: Just a little bit?
Both: Laugh
Teddy: We have chicken rolls and some barbecue. Some drinks.
Both: Laugh
Teddy: We’re waiting for you there but Bom said you’re busy waiting here. Manager Yang told me to go down here 5 minutes later but I’d thought I’d say hi. Didn’t you receive a message saying what time should you go down?
CL: He texted me to go here before 8. Then he texted me saying to wait a little bit more. It’s ok though. It’s just 8. Exact.
Teddy: Why so early?
CL: The last time manager Yang called me, I was late. This is to make-up with my mistake last time.
Both: Laugh
CL: Is Dara unnie drunk or what?
Teddy: I’m afraid so.
Both: Laugh
CL: Are you?
Teddy: No. I didn’t drink just yet. I’m waiting for Big Bang. They sponsored that drinks for us anyways.
Both: Laugh
CL: Daesung said they’re near.
Teddy: Maybe they’re with manager Yang.
CL: Oh!! Yeah maybe. Why didn’t think of that?
Both: Laugh
CL: Did oppa have enough rest yesterday? You can always take it slow. We’re not in a hurry anyways. You’re already done with what should be done for next month so, relax. You’re doing a good job.
Teddy: I want it all done as soon as possible. I don’t like rushing things. And also, that’s for us to make a room for improvement. That’s an anti-delay tactic.
CL: But everything’s good so far, right?
Teddy: Yeah. Hey, you wanna go out tomorrow? I’m checking out a new restaurant. I have an invitation but I don’t know whether or not to go.
CL: I guess I’m free tomorrow.
Teddy: That’s totally cool. I’ll pick you up then?
CL: Yeah.
Teddy: It’s not like you can just go out anywhere you like alone.
Both: Laugh
Teddy: I think they’re here.

To be continued…


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