TOP (Big Bang) and you. Part 3.


Erika did not know what to do. The three guys seemed surprised that there was a person, other than them, inside the room. They were courteous enough to say hello to each other.

“We told them to limit this room. If it’s time for you to go, let me know.” Said Seungri. Minutes later, the door opened again. Then 2NE1 entered. It was a dream come true for Erika. The girls were just as surprised as her. But for some reason they all clicked. The time passed so fast that it was time for Erika to go. They all went to her interview room and supported her. Everyone in the room was envious of her. The interview was done and they were all given an hour break for the result of their application. Erika was very surprised that the artists were still there cheering for her. She thought she did good on her interview. She might not be the best in her group but still she knew she isn’t the worst either. She was good enough she thought. G-Dragon entertained her by singing a preview of their song and she was happy to know that she knew it first than YG. They all went to the veranda to grab some air and the scenic view of Seoul city blew her away. TOP, her idol, seemed to be the quietest of them all. Being the fan girl that she was, she initiated the conversation. “You grew up in this very city right?” She asked looking at TOP. TOP was very surprised. “Yes. Where do you live?” TOP asked. “I grew up in Seoul as well.” She answered. “It was when I was about 15 that we migrated to Canada and now I’m back here to…to finish my studies.” She answered hesitantly. “If I may ask, how old are you?” Asked a very cheerful voice that she noticed was Dara. “I’m 22.” She answered smiling. They had a good talk and it was then time for the announcement. Erika was confident.


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