TOP (Big Bang) and you. Part 2.


The proctor agreed with what the chairman have said. Then the test started.

It was not too hard for an exam. Erika did not expect it to be that easy. She cannot concentrate though. She was so sure by then that the interview part must be the real test.

They were given a two hour break after the written exam. The administration needed time to sort things out. They were given the privilege to use the coffee room, which had free coffee vending machine, the mini museum, which housed all the CDs and merchandizes released by YG artists, the veranda, which had a very good view of the city and lastly, the entertainment room, where they can watch music videos from different YG artists. The rest of the facilities were strictly prohibited such as the rehearsal studio and the artists lounge. Many of the aspiring interns went to the coffee room and the mini museum. Erika, being a non-coffee drinker went to the entertainment room. It was a cozy, cinema-like room. There were two persons in the room with Erika. Erika reckoned they were her co-interns wanna be so she did not greet them stayed at the back part of the said place. The two persons noticed that there was another person who was with them so they stopped. Much to Erika’s surprise, it was Daesung and G-Dragon of Big Bang. There was an awkward silence. “Sorry, we want to watch a performance. Is it ok with you?” Asked G-Dragon politely. Erika was speechless. But she managed to say yes. “You’re an examinee I assume?” Asked Daesung in a very friendly manner. “Yes.” Erika answered. Erika was able to collect herself and took the chance of talking to Big Bang. “My name is Erika.” She introduced herself. “Erika.” The two guys repeated. They all seemed to smile at the very thought of having said that together. “How was the test?” Asked G-Dragon. “It was good. Just a personality test.” Answered Erika. “Good luck.” The guys chorused again. They all laughed this time. “Are you a twin or something?” Erika joked. She did try to ask where her bias (TOP) is but she was afraid. Minutes later when G-Dragon was able to set-up everything, he called someone on his phone. Erika did not have the slightest idea. Three more guys entered the room.


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