Park Bom (2NE1) and GD (Big Bang). Complete.

(Recording studio)

TOP: Bom, are you ok? How’s your throat?

Bom: I’m ok. Nothing I can’t handle.

GD: If you’re tired, we can just push this tomorrow. I don’t want to stress your throat or whatever.

Bom: Don’t worry boys. I’m ok.

GD: You sound a little bit different. I’m worried.

Bom: Really? I don’t see anything wrong though. Did you want a higher pitch for that?

GD: Noona, give it a rest. We’ll just continue with ours. If you can pull it OK later, then later. If not, tomorrow wouldn’t hurt so much. We can still do it tomorrow. Here, have some warm coffee. It’ll help.

Bom: Thank you but I’m ok, really. I’ll just rest for a while.

GD: TOP, your turn now.

TOP: Alright.

(TOP ended alright)(TOP talking to Teddy outside the studio)

GD: Alright?

Bom: Yes. Why are you guys so worried about me? I’m good. Although kind of cold in here.

GD: Really? Sorry for that. Let me see…Here, you can wear this. (GD’s jacket)

Bom: Thank you. (GD helped Bom)

GD: When are you flying back to the US?

Bom: They said I still don’t have to rush things because they’re just having a rest there as well. The next recording session would be two weeks from now. Probably next week is a good time to go back.

GD: Are you doing alright there? You’re not starving yourself aren’t you? You lost weight.

Bom: I’m not starving myself. They did tell me to slash off some fats though. And I guess the recording in the US is stressful enough to have caused the weight loss.

GD: šŸ™‚

Bom: You look stressed too.

GD: Yeah, but alright.

Bom and GD: šŸ™‚



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