Jessica and Tiffany (SNSD). Complete.

Hyoyeon: Where is Tiffany?

Sunny: She’s with Jessica. They disguised and went to the supermarket.

Hyoyeon: What? Why?

Sunny: I don’t know too. They’re like very random today. You should have seen them.

Jessica: I want to eat Kimchi Rice later.

Tiffany: What do we need to get then?

Jessica: Kimchi?

Both: (Laugh)

Tiffany: We have Kimchi at home though. We should like buy stuff that we don’t have there.

Jessica: Someone’s taking picture of us. Turn around swiftly.

* Both turned around *

Jessica: I want choco pie.

Tiffany: Yeah put that in here. I want chips.

Jessica: Yeah put that in there.

Both: (Laugh)

Jessica: We should bring stuff to the girls. What should we get them?

Tiffany: No need, no need. 😀

Both: (Laugh)

Tiffany: We should get them something they can’t resist.

Jessica: (Poker face)

Tiffany: What’s that face?

Both: (Laugh)

Jessica: Something sweet perhaps?

Tiffany: How about we buy ice candies?

Jessica: Oh, I love ice candies!!

Tiffany: Keep it low Sica. You own that voice.

Both: (Laugh)

Jessica: Here! 9 pieces.

Tiffany: Yeah put it here.


Jessica: It’s nice to be normal again.

Tiffany: I know. I realized that we’ve been missing a lot just because we’re idols. People think it’s the other way around. Ridiculous.

Jessica: Right.

Tiffany: Good thing we have each other to experience something like this.

Jessica: I know! We’re really like sisters who’re trying to escape from our moms and stuff.

Both: (Laugh)

Tiffany: I just wish the 9 of us can go out and experience being normal outside. It’s a priceless feeling.



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