TOP (Big Bang) and you. Part 1.


(12:30 pm, YG Entertainment’s lobby)

Erika arrived earlier than the expected. She was nervous and shaky whenever the front door would open.

She was assigned at the top most floor’s testing exam but they are not allowed to come in just yet. She saw a couple of stars but she cannot focus. She reckon they look nothing like in the picture. Erika overheard that her favorite group, Big Bang, was coming. Erika’s classmate, Lea, arrived. “Have you heard?” Lea asked silently. “Heard what?” Asked Erika back. “They said Big Bang is coming.” Said Lea. They were both excited but they cannot seem to enjoy very much. They have to do good to get in for internship.

The lobby became crowded with applicants. Just 15 minutes before 1 pm, a man tipped them to go up their respective rooms. “Do not be late or else your application is void.” The man said. Everyone lined up and wait for their turn to be lifted. Ten minutes left. They were still very far from the doors. There were three elevators in that place. Two for the personnels and the other for the artists. Only five minutes left when someone pushed the up button for the artists. It was Seungri from Big Bang. There were students who screamed and some do not know how to react exactly. They were not sure if it was allowed to make noise until the man who told them to go up told them to be silent or else their application would be voided. Erika expected more than Seungri until the elevator door opened, it was their turn to be lifted. Disappointment was all over her face but it made her more determined to pass the interview and the examination.

Chairs were arranged specifically for an examination. One very distant from the other. For some reason, Erika sat on the front. Instructions were given and whoever passed the examination would proceed to the next step, the interview. Erika was feeling confident. Everyone was quiet and as nervous as she was. The examination paper was about to be given when the door opened. It was YG himself. He smiled at the students and talked shortly to the proctor. It was not very long when the door opened again. It was Daesung from Big Bang. There were small movements from the chairs. Erika looked at Daesung and Daesung seemed to saw her. He smiled.


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