TOP (Big Bang) and you. Primer.


TOP- Himself.
Erika- Yourself.

TOP was a Korean idol from a popular group Big Bang. Handsome. Famous. Idol. To die for.

Erika (you) was an art major in a university who idolizes TOP. Simple. Artistic. Beautiful. Ambitious.

It was then time for Erika’s internship program. She’s confused whether to go to Canada, a place where she once dreamed of having her internship. Or YG Entertainment, where she could possibly see her idol everyday. “I want to see him. And I will succeed.” Said the confident Erika.

She passed the form early in the morning to the dean’s office with the company name YG Entertainment written very clearly. “So, you turned down Canada?” Asked the dean with disbelief. Erika was one of the three persons in that institution who were qualified for an international internship program. “Yes ma’am, I don’t want to risk being very far from my family.” She lied. Erika isn’t very good at lying so the dean stamped her papers for delivery and sighed with disbelief.

Erika kept on checking the bulletin board for sorting until one day…


YG Entertainment is very happy to announce that its internship applicants, Lee Mika, Kim Joan, and Son Kyla, successfully passed the credentials for the position they have applied to. They can start immediately at the end of the school year. Other applicants are still being evaluated by the HR department and are requested to go to the main office for an interview and an examination. We will be expecting you on Saturday, 1pm. You can ask the office of the Dean for your room assignment. We mailed it together with this notice. We hope to work with you all very soon. Thank you.

YG Entertainment

Erika felt a little bit disappointed for the post she saw. Wasn’t she good enough? Was it not her fate? She reviewed some of the research she made about the company and determined by her will, she believed she can.


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