Sandara Park (2NE1) and Thunder Park (MBLAQ). Complete.


(Sandara and Thunder in Japan)

Thunder: Noona!!!!! (Big sister)
Sandara: Why? Did you just shout at me?
Thunder: I did not!
Sandara: You just did!! Why did you call me?
Thunder: You got a call from Bommie noona.

Sandara: Why are you holding my phone?
Thunder: I am not. I just saw it when I passed by it.
Sandara: I don’t believe you! What did she said?
Thunder: She told me to tell you to give her a call.

(Sandara called Bom)

Bom: Dara! Hello!
Sandara: Hello! Did you just shout?
Bom: What? What’s wrong with you? When are you coming back here? I want to go shopping.
Sandara: After we shoot our commercial. Thunder is still on tour so we can’t do it.
Bom: I see.
Sandara: It wouldn’t be for too long don’t worry. I think they’re left with one tour. Then we were told we need at least a day to complete the shoot.
Bom: Alright. Are you guys ok there?
Sandara: Yeah we’re doing good. How about you?
Bom: I’m doing good too. Hey, I have to go now. I’m taping a show.
Sandara: Fighting!
Bom: Alright, thanks. You too! Fighting!

(Sandara and Thunder went out to eat)

Thunder: Noona, where do you want to eat?
Sandara: Is there a Korean restaurant nearby? I want to eat bibimbap.
Thunder: I don’t know. There must be one somewhere.
Sandara: Are you allowed to drive here?
Thunder: I think so. Take a look at my license. (Thunder gave it to Sandara)
Sandara: Seems legit. I’ll drive later when we get back.
Thunder: Alright. Maybe somewhere in Tokyo, there is. Kaja! (Let’s go)

(They found a Korean restaurant)

Thunder: Do you have coins, noona?
Sandara: What for? Yeah I have some.
Thunder: Can I have it? I’ll have us some bottled tea.
Sandara: What for? We can just order inside.
Thunder: I like this one in particular.
Sandara: Ah, I see. Here.
Thunder: They should have this too in Korea. Have you had this before?
Sandara: I can’t remember. I used to walk at night with Bom and buy anything from the vendo machine.
Thunder: Here noona, try it.
Sandara: What is this taste? Peach tea?
Thunder: I have no idea actually.
Both: Laugh
Thunder: I can’t read Japanese. I can’t even recognize the picture.
Both: Laugh
Sandara: It’s peach.
Thunder: Is it?
Both: Laugh



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