Jessica (SNSD) and Onew (SHINee).

Onew: Is everything clear with you guys?

All: Neh (yes)

Key: Are you in a hurry or something?

Onew: I got an invite from Taeyeon to watch their final rehearsal for tomorrow’s comeback stage.

Key: Why didn’t we get an invite? Should we too?

Taemin: Honestly, I’m tired. I have to sleep. I have to grow up still.

Key: Tell that to Jonghyun.

All: (Laugh)

(SNSD rehearsal studio)(SNSD on break)

Onew: Annyeonghaseyo (hello)(everyone greeting him too)

Seohyun: Oppa! (used by girls to call a boy older than them)

Onew: Wei? (why?)

Seohyun: Sica unnie is waiting for you since forever. (everyone teasing them)

Onew: I had to remind the boys of the revised schedule. Sorry. Sica. (everyone teasing)

Jessica: Ahnio~ (not really) It’s ok. 🙂 (everyone teasing)

Tiffany: She was like, didn’t he say yes? If I knew he wouldn’t come on time, I should have just put on the perfume a little bit later.

All: (Laugh)

Jessica: I didn’t said that!!

All except Onew and Sica: You did!

All: (Laugh)

Onew: Have you guys started? (question for Sica)

Jessica: One round done. 🙂

Onew: I didn’t notice. You look very pretty still. (everyone teasing)

Yuri: It’s about time you two get married.

All: (Laugh)

Onew: Before marriage, should she be my girl friend first? (look at Sica sweetly)


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