Henry Lau (Super Junior) and IU. Complete.

Donghae: Henry, did you just put on a perfume? It smells strong (turn away).

Henry: Hyung! Do I look good?

Donghae: No. You look you. Where are you going? Do you have an interview something?

Henry: Yes. I’m going to meet IU for the first time and after that we’re gonna shoot a TVC. Have you met her?

Donghae: Yeah but I never really had a chance to talk to her much. I heard she’s nice though. Maybe you should ask for her number.

Henry: Hyung, I’m not allowed to date anyone right now.

Donghae: Really? Well it happens.

Both: (Laugh)(Siwon came)

Siwon: What is that smell? Oh, are you going somewhere?

Henry: Yeah, hyungs, I’m leaving now.

Super Junior: Ok. Take care.

Henry: Thanks 🙂

(At the venue, Henry saw IU being styled. Henry is bowing everywhere)

Henry: Annyeonghaseyo (hello) IU.

IU: Annyeonghaseyo (bows).

Henry: What time did you come? 🙂

IU: Not very long. I think 5 minutes ago. Traffic is not a problem today so, yeah. You smell good.

Henry: (Flushed) Oh, thank you.

(Awkward silence)

Henry and IU: Ah…You go first. Ah, (laugh)

Henry: I’m about to say that I think that dress fits you very well. 🙂

IU: 😀 Thank you so much. As I was saying awhile ago, I just thought I’d say you look cute today (flushed).

Henry: Ah, thank you so much.

IU: Is it our first time seeing each other?

Henry: I think so. I mean, we kind of saw each other and bowed but we haven’t talked yet. So I think this is some sort of a blessing in disguise. What do you think? 😀

IU: Yeah, I think so too.

Both: (flushed)

IU: Have you done something like this before?

Henry: Yeah but I used to be with my hyungs.

IU: Ah, I see.

Henry: I was kind of hesitant to accept the offer but when they told me that I’m gonna be paired-up with you, I didn’t waste my time thinking. I want it. I know it’s not your first time, I watched a lot already.

IU: 😀 Yeah but it always feels new. I can’t get used to it. I’m always nervous and stuff.

Henry: Well, you don’t have to be. You’re awesome.

IU: Oh, thank you. 🙂



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