Sulli (F(x)) and Yonghwa (C.N. B.L.U.E.). Complete.

Sulli: Oppa, should I call Luna to pick me up?

Yonghwa: Why? Where is you service van?

Sulli: Victoria and Amber are using it because they can’t use their own cars. They are always followed so the management made them use it. However, Luna can pick me up since no one really knows her new car yet.

Yonghwa: Ok, maybe I can stay with you while she’s not here yet.

Sulli: šŸ™‚ Komao (Thanks).

(Sulli calls Luna)

Yonghwa: You guys can go first.

Minhyuk: How would you go home, hyung?

Yonghwa: I already called someone to bring in my car. They left Sulli here.

Minhyuk: Jinja? Ah, ok. Take care then.

Yonghwa: You guys take care.

Sulli: She’s not picking it up. Maybe she’s still taping for her commercial. Is it really ok that you stay with me? I mean, aren’t you tired yet?

Yonghwa: I’m ok, thanks. I just want to make sure you’re safe.

Sulli: Thank you oppa. You’re so sweet.

(After an hour, Yonghwa’s car came)

Yonghwa: Where do you live?

Sulli: We live near the Namsan Tower. I don’t the exact place but it’s quite very near that landmark.

Yonghwa: Would you mind if I take you home?

Sulli: No. But, it’s a little bit too much. It’s very very far from yours. Would you mind?

Yonghwa: Not at all.

The End.


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