G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Sandara Park (2NE1). Complete.

Minzy: Big sister, did you ever think that you and big brother GD will be together? I mean even just the idea of it?

Sandara: The truth is..he’s very ideal 🙂

Minzy: I sometimes think that you two are perfect. The way he looks at you and everything.

Sandara: Minzy, you’re still a baby (dorky laugh) sometimes, what you see isn’t what it’s really is.

(Big Bang enters 2NE1 dressing room)

Big Bang: Hello (bow)

2NE1: Hello (bow)

G-Dragon: Hey big sister 😀

Sandara: Why are you attacking me again? 😀

G-Dragon: (Giggle) I saw your Etude commercial just now.

Sandara: How was it? Good right? 😀

G-Dragon: Not really (laugh) they should have chosen Minzy to be in that commercial.

Minzy: (Childish) why me?

G-Dragon: Yes. You. 😀

Sandara: Stop picking on me GD!  😀

T.O.P.: Big sister, why aren’t you wearing that crazy hair (Fire’s hair-do)?

Sandara: I changed image just recently.

All: (Laugh)

Sandara: I am now Ms. Tangerine.

All: (Laugh)

G-Dragon: No, you’re still Ms. Crazy.

All: (Laugh)

G-Dragon: (Imitating Sandara) Wanna be sweet? Etude! 😀

All: (Laugh)

(After the performance)

G-Dragon: Big sister! 😀

Sandara: Why?

G-Dragon: Job well done! 😀 (high-five)

Sandara: 😀 Thank you! You did well too. Ah, GD!

G-Dragon: Yes?

Sandara: When will we record our new song?

G-Dragon: I’m still working on it’s melody, hopefully next week 🙂

Sandara: Ah, I get it. 😀

G-Dragon: See you soon big sister. 😀

Sandara: Call me if you need anything alright?

G-Dragon: I get it. 😀

(Bow at each other and go separate ways)


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