Seohyun (SNSD) and YongHwa (C.N. B.L.U.E.) Final.

(At the restaurant)

Yonghwa: This may be too cheesy for you but I clearly remember all the things that happened here in this place. Twice.

Seohyun: 🙂 me too. It’s as if it was a dream.

Yonghwa: Who would have thought we’ll be that close? 😀

Seohyun: (Teary) 😀 At night, I miss the time that we’re together. Accomplishing missions together, cooking together, eating together…that kind of stuff.

Yonghwa: 😀 I miss that too…. (silence)

Seohyun: Sorry if I wasn’t able to see you when you were hospitalized.

Yonghwa: That’s ok. I’m glad you thought of coming. I actually favored the thought that you didn’t push through because it’s really dangerous for you out there. Since the hospital is publicized. Thank you for your concern.

Seohyun: 🙂 (bow) Are you ok now?

Yonghwa: Neh, I’m fine. 😀 (Neh = Yes)

Seohyun: That’s very good.

* Transfer restaurant – Red beans sherbet *

Yonghwa: I had Minhyuk try this one.

Seohyun: 😀 How was  it for him?

Yonghwa: He liked it very much. But of course, he will not look at it the same way as I do.

Seohyun: 🙂 Me too.

Yonghwa: Have you been using the guitar I gave you?

Seohyun: Not really.

Yonghwa: (Laugh)

Seohyun: If only I know how to play guitar then there’s no time that I won’t be using it.

Yonghwa: 🙂 Really?

Seohyun: Neh.

Yonghwa: What’s the status of the school uniform that we wore together?

Seohyun: It’s still with me. 😀 Actually, a lot of offers came for me to wear the uniform for a photoshoot but it’s rather very personal for me.

Yonghwa: 😀 I’m glad there’s no offer for me to wear the sailor costume you gave me.

Both: (Laugh)

Seohyun: If I ask you to wear that costume again, will you?

Yonghwa: (Stare at Seohyun) Why would you do that?

Both: (Laugh)

Seohyun: Will you? 😀

Yonghwa: Do you really want me wear that again? 😀

Seohyun: I doubt you will.

Yonghwa: You’re right.

Both: (Laugh)

(In front of SNSD’s dorm)

Yonghwa: As much as I want to be with you more, it’s your curfew time.

Seohyun: Neh. (Stare at Yong)

Yonghwa: (Kiss on the cheek) 🙂

Seohyun: (Hug) 🙂 Till we see each other again. (Waving) Text me when you get home.

Yonghwa: I will 😀

Both: (Bow)

(2 months after)

TV host: Ladies and gentlemen, we have with us now the 10th member of SNSD. (Jung Yonghwa came out wearing the sailor uniform) Jung Yonghwa!!



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